Thursday, July 15, 2010

San Diego Bound!

Next week, Leigh and I will be attending the 41st Annual San Diego Comic-Con! We will be at table K-7 in the Small Press area, so come on by and say 'hi!'

As a special treat, I plan on shaving at least ONCE while I'm down there.

We will be updating on Tuesday as usual, though I won't be blogging during the week on account of being far away from my computer.

Anyway, we hope to see some of you there. I will be writing free sentences as is customary and Leigh will be doing commissions. So if you've ever wanted a custom picture of your favorite super-hero and an unintelligible sentence of dubious worth, you know where to go :)

Have a good weekend.



toaster said...

Nice to see you updating again- besides freak angels, there aren't many solid non-comedy webcomics out there.

keep it real,


B5Ranger said...

Good luck in San Diego! By the way, I posted this on the "How Big a Nerd Are You: Answers" but as I doubt that you go back and check your blog posts from a year or two ago, here it is again (and yeah, I'm lazy enough not to look stuff up when I'm reading something else): Actually, while Galen's mentor (Forgive me, I can't remember that guy's name or the name of his character. I do remember that he played an Arapaho warrior in Centennial and a pirate in Daniel Boone the TV show.) was the only technomage who was given a name on the original B5 series, there were at least three other technomages or implied technomages on screen at one point.

"gunner" said...

i see at another site that the phelps phoney baptists came to picket and ran into a fannish counter demonstration. hilarity ensued and pictures were taken. did you see any of that?

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks, toaster :)

I did notice your comment on the other blog, B5Ranger. I'll have to rewatch B5 and check that. Thanks!

Nope, unfortuately, I didn't hear about the demonstration until afterwards. I would have happily gone out if I'd known. From what I heard, they ran off pretty quickly once the counter-demonstration got going.