Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Crates and Such

The other day I was walking up to a Home Depot and noticed a stack of crates sitting innocuously along the wall next to the store. Being an avid gamer, I walked into the store, purchased a crowbar (I left mine at home – a silly mistake), and upon exiting the store, proceeded to vigorously smash said crates.

It was disappointing, as not only did no gold, items, or health packs pop out, but the Home Depot employees seemed somewhat vexed by my actions. After much shouting, a lengthy footrace, and a narrow escape across a train trestle, I was able to stop and ponder what had occurred.

It seemed unthinkable, but video games had lied to me. Crates are not full of goodies and people seem to take it poorly when you smash them open.

NOTE: Obviously, I did not smash open a bunch of crates at a Home Depot with a crowbar. This was a small fabrication on my part. I used a tire iron.

Tomorrow: Barrels, Are They Just Round Crates?

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