Thursday, December 16, 2010

Almost Christmas

Well, we have what, 7 days until Christmas?

I'm sure all of you have finished your shopping and are completely prepared in every way imaginable. I personally have to wait until the very, very last minute, as no one in my family can actually verbalize what they want.

There's a lot of 'oh, I don't really want anything' or 'no, you don't need to spend money on me' or 'you being here is gift enough.' This is obviously baloney and we all know it, but we say it anyway (it's a tradition).

This means that on the 23rd or so, there will be frantic flurry of phone calls, as people demand to know what the hell everyone else wants. We then, begrudgingly, tell each other and then we storm the malls to find the Deluxe Fairy Barbie with Detachable Kitten Cannon that Really Fires.

This will obviously be sold out, so we get the next best thing (Spontaneous Combustion Barbie) and hope it's the thought that counts.

Speaking of gifts, it would make Leigh and I very happy if you could take the time to vote for us. It's the gift that keeps on giving, provided you do it every day :)

Look for the usual blogs and posts next week.



Ed said...

The cure to this is to call them on it.

Basically, you skip calling them on the 23. If they call you, you say you don't want anything, and don't ask about them. If they volunteer that they want something, respond in a hurt and offended manner: they *lied* to you before.

Generally, if your family is fixable, this will fix them. Either by doing away with the gift exchange (or at least your involvement in it), or by getting at least some of the more reasonable people to behave more reasonably.

Jason Janicki said...

Good point, Ed. We actually now default to gift cards, which also solves the problem, though they're rather impersonal.

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