Sunday, November 7, 2010

Now Updating Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Good news, everyone!

We will now be updating Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That's right! You will now be able to get Wayfarer's Moon twice a week!

Tune in to see Iri and Lily battle the forces of evil! There will be magic! Mayhem! Double digit body counts! And shopping!

And if you can, vote before you go! It's the little blue button just to the right of the comic. Voting helps keep us afloat, so please do it as often as you can.

Thank you all for reading!

-Jason and Leigh


nichomach said...


Excellent news!

Anonymous said...

In Lily's second speech bubble she said "let met" instead of "let me"
also two a week! :)

Hrimhari said...

Great news!

By the way, Endstone's author is doing something very nice as a vote incentive: every day he puts one square of a future page or other art.

It works with me: I vote every day there.

Food for thought.


Gillsing said...

I made a bookmark for the TWC vote page and put it together with 97 other such bookmarks. And then I open up all those bookmarks at the same time in a new browser window, and vote for all the comics that I read.

I do this every day. It's a chore. But while sitting there clicking vote buttons, I can listen to some podcast or Youtube-video (where the speech matters more than the visuals), so it's not as if I completely lose the time spent voting.

Am I crazy? Yes, I think I might be. (No, I'm just kidding. No one who is truly crazy would think that they're crazy, and I sure don't.)

David Reddick said...

Woot! Twice a week! Keep it comin'!

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks, Anon! I totally missed that :)

Interesting idea, Hrimhari, I'll see what Leigh thinks about that. Thanks!

And yes, Gillsing, you're crazy :)

Ed said...

Gillsing: two things to consider.

1. Depending on the level of log analysis the TWC people do, they might see your activity, and think it's a bot.

2. While I do something similar, I only list the 16 web comics that are both listed in the TWC voting and are really worthy of winning. The slow-motion train wrecks that I read get no votes.

3. You follow 98 comics?!?

(Yep, I can count just fine. Semantically, what I said should make sense just fine, also.)