Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bellingham Comicon: After Action Report

First of all, let me note that the actual con was not in Bellingham, but in Ferndale. Curious, I looked up the city’s website was helpfully informed that ‘post apocalyptic biker gangs are rarely seen in Ferndale.’ This, I thought, was incredibly valuable information. We have to pack so much into the car, including anti-zombie kits, anti-vampire kits, anti-lycanthrope kits, and a flamethrower (just in case), that it was nice not to have to include the anti-post apocalyptic biker gang kit.

Sadly, the webpage lied, but more on that later.

To our left was Shannon Devine of Psychedelic Circumstances and to our right was John Lustig of Last Kiss. Many of our usual con buddies were also there. Artist Jason Metcalf was there, as was Quenton Shaw of QEW Publishing. Brian Randolph was also there representing the Hero Initiative, a fantastic charity for comic veterans. And last but not least, Travis and Ash from Creator’s Edge Press were just a couple tables down

The con went pretty well. It was a smaller con, but there was a pretty good turnout, post apocalyptic bikers notwithstanding. We talked to a lot of cool folks and had a good time. Leigh even proclaimed the bbq covered hot dog he had for lunch as the ‘best bbq covered hot dog I’ve had since breakfast.’

Sadly, we should have included our anti-post apocalyptic biker gang kit, because when we left the hall, we found ourselves quickly surrounded by a group of leather-clad desert-mutants who demanded meatloaf. Normally, we would have used our anti-post apocalyptic biker gang kit on them, but instead, we just gave them the meatloaf. It just seemed simpler that way.

NOTE: The city of Ferndale does not have a problem with post apocalyptic biker gangs. I’m sure Ferndale is a lovely place, filled with hard-working, industrious, and good-looking citizens. Please feel free to visit Ferndale secure in the knowledge that you won’t be attacked by post apocalyptic biker gangs.

Just a quick note: If you haven’t noticed, Wayfarer’s Moon is now updating twice a week! We’re now posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays! And please vote for us! We have more meatloaf! I’m not kidding!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Hope to see you guys again soon.

Jason Janicki said...

No problem! We're going to be down in Portland next weekend, maybe we'll see you there :)