Thursday, March 25, 2010

We'll Be Back!

Many people have been asking about when we're going to start updating again.

Most have been very polite: 'Prithee, good sirs, but knowest thou whence an update may appear, as a dove might descend from the heavens?'

Some have been very to-the-point: 'Update? Yes?'

A couple have been unrepeatable: 'When the BLEEP are you gonna BLEEPIN' BLEEP the BLEEP an' BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP'n update?'

And the answer is: We'll let you know in May.

Now, before you scream and hurl your monitor in my general direction, let me tell you that we have a plan. A cunning plan, in fact. If it works out, we will be able to update every week consistently. There are, however, details that need to be pondered. And if they're not pondered properly, the whole thing will fail.

So, we ask for your continued patience until we are able to announce the whole thing in May.

We do truly appreciate that you all keep asking when we're going to update again (even the BLEEPED ones). This shows us that yeah, people like what we do, which makes us want to keep producing Wayfarer's Moon that much more.

Again, please just wait a bit longer. We'll be back.



Ed said...

Prithee, good sirs, but knowest thou when in May an update may appear, as a dove might descend from the heavens?

Note that I'm not asking from where it'll appear, as I'm pretty sure y'all will have something to do with it. :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think your comic is of such a high quality that it is worth waiting for...


Anonymous said...

Prithee, good sirs, give my regards to Art, I miss that toddling sod. Any news of how well he might be faring?

I know about the gag, but some hints, maybe.

Pretty please!


Jason Janicki said...

Unfortunately, Ed, we don't know when in May - oops.

We knoweth not, good sir, save that a missive will appear in the month the fifth, springing forth upon the shore like a whale that hath been beached.

Thanks, BubbaB :)

The lad known as Art is yet upon the desk of an agent, the one who may yet deliver Art unto a publisher. I do wait with baited breath and clenched buttocks for news :)

Citarra said...

You mean avoiding making complaints to and beseechments concerning the lack of update was the wrong thing to do? Darn.

Although now that it has been said, I suppose there is no need to poke and prod at you for it?

Jason Janicki said...

Well, we would have appreciated the thought :)

And nope, we have removed the need to poke and prod. Well, obviously, yes, you still can. It just won't be as effective ;)

"gunner" said...

picture a herd of cats, having eaten cheese, waiting beside a mouse hole with baited breath.

Francisco said...

I just found this comic yesterday and realised today that the next update won't be until May.

I hope your plan comes together.

Jason Janicki said...

I like the image, gunner ;)

Welcome, Francisco! Hang around 'till May and we'll announce when we'll start updating again.