Thursday, September 12, 2013

Joyous Reunions

Well, the good news is that Muffin is back. He showed up at my door this morning with an oddly small Mickey Mouse hat glued on his head and looking sheepish. Though, in hindsight, he may have just eaten a sheep. I don’t know. He is now back in his pen and surely dreaming lovely snake dreams of gallivanting around Disneyland and being allowed to bypass the crowds and get on all the rides first.

Seriously, if you were manning The Pirates of the Caribbean ride and a fifteen foot King Cobra showed up wearing a little Mickey Mouse hat, you’d let him go first, wouldn’t you?

In other news, an Anonymous commenter asked if the comic was ever coming back. And my answer was drum roll please yes.

I currently have an artist toiling away in a secret location in Germany. She’s in Germany because that’s where she lives and it’s a secret because I have no idea what her address is. Or her real name. Or any important details, really. Which might explain why she insists on drawing Lily as a dwarf. And Iri looks suspiciously like Orlando Bloom.

I’ll send her a coded message about that.

However, the bad news is that it will still be awhile before anything goes live (like end of the year-ish, fingers crossed). I would like to not repeat the mistakes of the past and pull the trigger on this before we’re good and ready. I will probably make a whole new set of mistakes, so there’s that. Stay tuned, as they say, for more info as it becomes available.

In other news, I have a few more projects in the works that I can’t talk about yet. These involve artists in other places. So, again, stay tuned.

And does anyone know how to get a hat off a hat that’s been glued to a snake, ‘cause I’m all out of ideas?



Anonymous said...

Most glues will break if warmed up. So use a hair dryer on the cap before trying to get it off.

Anonymous said...

Acetone usually does the trick. Nail polish remover has enough acetone in it that the glue will dissolve well enough if you choose to use that.

Lionhead Bookends said...

Is it a /Mickey Mouse/ Hat(tm) or a Mickey /mouse hat/?

Anonymous said...

Maybe try the Munchkin trick: to get your cursed hat off, find the monster who eats heads (I don't actually remember which one it was). As Muffin is a snake, pull him out soon as the monster tries to gobble him down, and hope that the hat will be off.

If this won't work 'cause Muffin bites the monster in the throat and it dies, he'll at least have a level-up. :)

Jason Janicki said...

Glue will break if warmed up? I don't have a hair dryer, but I do have an oven. Would that mean I have a Muffin in the oven?

It is a 'Mickey Mouse' hat. The kind with the little ears.

I will have to try that with the monster that eats heads. If you hear a loud 'ding' from the direction of Oregon, you'll know that it all went to hell and Muffin leveled up :)

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that your planning to restart the comic. I would ask one favor though. Could you fix the RSS feed. The RSS is a good way to know when you start to publish again but it keeps posting old comics and I found it to be useless for that.

Anonymous said...

I am over joyed that you are planning to publish again. I do have one request. Please fix the RSS. It is a good way to know when a new page has been published but if it keeps posting old pages, it is useless for that.

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks for letting me know the RSS feed is out of whack. I'm redesigning the site now and the new one will be up (hopefully) in a couple of months. I'll definitely make sure the RSS is updated/fixed when that gets done.