Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News - Both Good and Bad

Well, as some of you might have noticed, the comic has not updated in about a month or so. There is a very long, dramatic explanation as to why this has happened. Hint: ninjas.

Actually, no. The explanation is quite simply that Leigh has simply not had the time between his (increasing) work and family obligations to get much done. And in all honesty, that situation is probably not going to change in the near future.

So, the bad news: we're going on a hiatus.

Now, I realize that some of you are rolling your eyes and/or cursing as you go to delete Wayfarers from your favorites, but the good news is that we are actively looking for an artist to replace Leigh and continue the comic.

Obviously, we want someone good and reasonably priced, so the search may take a while. So, we're not dead, we're just sleeping.

NOTE: if you're an artist who would love to work on Wayfarer's Moon, email us at mail@wayfarersmoon.com, ideally with a link to your portfolio. If we like your stuff, we'll get in touch.

As a side note, I have no intention of letting Wayfarer's die. I have promised on several occasions that I would not leave everyone hanging, so if the Wayfarer's comic is not viable, then I will write Wayfarer's the novel and put it up somewhere for everyone to read. There's a lot of cool stuff that's going to happen and trust me, I'm dying to tell the story.

Now, the good news:

The blogs will continue. A poor substitute for the comic, I know, but if you like hearing about my adventures with ninjas and my random observations on life, they will continue.

The other good news:

After much thought, I have decided to self-publish Art the Wanderer. A cover is being worked on right now and ideally, it will be on Amazon and a few other e-publishers in a couple months. And for those of you without e-readers, there is an app you can download so you can read it on your computer. I may also print a limited run of copies that you'll be able to buy at cons.

I also happen to be working on a sequel, so there should be more Art goodness in the next year.

So, keep watching the blog and I'll occasionally let you know how things are going in between telling you stories of how I almost knocked myself out changing the sheets.

And one last thing: please don't email us to tell us we suck. Wayfarer's Moon is a labor of love for us and we did not come to this decision lightly. We love it enough that we're trying to find a way to keep it going, even though Leigh can no longer commit to regularly drawing it.

Arrows will fly. Enemies, and sadly, some friends, will fall. And in the end, the world will be a better place because of two women who refused to give up.

Iri and Lily will return.




Anonymous said...

Jason, I understand your decision, and I will miss Wayfarer's for the time being.

But I am very stoked about seeing Art finally get published!

Good luck with all your endeavors! I won't be deleting any of your bookmarks, until you tell me to!


Kris said...

I share BubbaB's sentiments. Phoo for Wayfarers, but yay for Art.
I even have a convenient gift card I was considering using up.

"gunner" said...

"wayfarers moon" you and leigh do not "suck", life sometimes gets in the way of best intentions. i'll continue to check in every once in a while, keeping you on my list. good luck finding an artist, though it might be hard to match leigh's eye for detail.

Greg said...

Thank you to Leigh for 261 great pages, plus covers. I hope you find an artist who can do justice to the characters and story. I'm keeping my bookmark.

- Greg

"gunner" said...

add: by the way, "art the wanderer" while less deep than "wayfarers moon" is a good story in its own right, amusing and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for letting us all know.

Leigh's art will be hard to replace, and I hope the comic can find someone to do it justice, and tell the story. It's a good and worthy story.

Thank you, and good luck.

-- Joe

shornk said...

I am absolutely looking forward to the return of Wafarer's Moon. I'm very glad to hear you intend to keep the blog blogging.

shornk said...
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Jason Janicki said...

Thanks for all the kind words :)

As things progress, I'll update everyone via the blog.

Thanks again for sticking with us all these years :)


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

are you looking for an artist who is able to continue Leigh's work in almost the same style, or would a different (if good) style do as well?

Truly, it would suck if there was noone to be found. But you two don't suck, you made Wayfarer's Moon happen after all.

- Corbie

Jason Janicki said...

Hey Corbie,

That's kind of a tricky question. Obviously, we'd want someone whose work would mesh well with Leigh's, but we don't expect someone to completely mimic his style either.

So the short answer is: a good, strong style, even if different, would be great :)

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

that definitely helps, mans thanks!
I'll find a stick to poke some fellow artist zombies with, or maybe put my courage and a portfolio together.

- Corbie

Hrimhari said...

It's good to see so many positive comments. Wayfarer's Moon has everything to compete with the most successful comics... except Leigh's availability :( To me, Leigh's art is a very important quality to the comics, so I'd hope the replacement to have a similar style.

I wish you quick success on all your projects, so that you find the necessary time for Wayfarer's Moon!

Jason Janicki said...

Thanks, Hrimhari :)

If I could just win the lottery, I could afford to pay Leigh to do nothing but draw, but alas, that has not yet come to pass :)

Rahel Sewell said...

Aww, bye Leigh! We'll miss you. =(
Very exited to hear about your book!! Sheesh, I keep forgetting to read your blog. If I keep this up, the next time I check, you'll be posting your recount of how you became king over all the dinosaurs. ...You should totally find a way to use that. XD

Jason Janicki said...

I was already King of the Dinosaurs. However, seeing as there are no dinosaurs left, that doesn't amount to much :)

Unless, of course, I'm merely saying that there are no dinosaurs left in order to lull you into a false sense of security.

Insert evil laugh here :)

Rahel Sewell said...

I KNEW it!! My Mom thinks that I'm weird for freaking out whenever water in cups ripples! Well I'll show HER.

Jason Janicki said...

Actually, I make my dinosaur minions wear sneakers to avoid precisely that situation. That's also why I haven't taken over the world yet. Do you know how hard it is get get Nike's in a T-Rex's size?