Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine’s Day

First of all, I’d like to announce that we’ll be at the Emerald City Comicon at the end of March! We’ll have art from our two new projects: Steam & Blood and Capes & Heels. We’ll also have some Wayfarer’s Moon pieces by our new artist. So come by and say ‘hi,’ or just tell us we’re doo-doo heads for not getting Wayfarer’s going soon enough.

‘Doo-Doo Heads’ being a technical term.

With that said, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

As usual, I will be single again, unless I happen to meet a girl and start dating her in the 3 hours until Valentine’s Day actually starts. Seeing that I’m not anticipating leaving my house before then, she will have to physically drive into my apartment or at least make enough noise on my doorstep that I’ll go investigate.

So, in all probability, no.

As dreary as that sounds, I do have a plan. A terribly cunning one, if I do say so myself: I’m going to buy myself a Valentine’s present. It’s not so weird if you think about it. After all, I am my own best friend. I do everything with me, I know exactly what I like, and in all the years I’ve known me, we’ve never broken up or really had harsh words of any sort.

So yes, I am perfect for me.

In fact, I’m planning on surprising myself by buying a replica sword online. See? None of you would have thought ‘Gee, what should I get Jason for Valentine’s Day? Oh, I know! A sword!’ No, you would’ve gotten me some chocolate or a fifty-gallon drum of Nair or possibly a dead ninja. Not that I wouldn’t like those things, it’s just that deep down in the crevice where my heart should be is a little, empty spot that looks just like a Gross Messer.

Yes, I have a thing for large, two-handed hacking instruments. See, you didn’t know that did you?

Anyways, I’ll be so surprised when the sword arrives, I’ll probably take me to dinner. And I won’t order the lobster.

Okay, now I’m kinda depressed.


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