Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nails & Stumptown

My nails were getting rather long and seeing as how I didn't want to injure myself the next time I went to pi . . . scratch my nose, I trimmed them.

This is obviously nothing special. I sit down with a pair of clippers and cut them, making a neat little pile. It's just that I always end up with one less nail than finger. I have ten fingers (very nearly nine, due to an accident as a kid), so one would think that I'd have ten freshly cut fingernails.

But no. Everytime I cut them, I always have nine fingernails. And it's not like I find them later, stuck in a wall or in my soup. They just disappear. I figure that at some point a gigantic fingernail golem will suddenly rise up from behind the recliner and attack me with his giant, scratchy hands.

And in all honesty, I don't have clippers big enough for that.

Anyway, this weekend is the Stumptown Comics Fest! Leigh and I will be there both days, so please come by and say 'hello.' And remember, if you ask me what 'M'Kott' means, I'll actually tell you. And I might give you a piece of candy (Reese's Miniature Peanut Buttercups).

Have a safe and pleasant weekend.



Ed said...

Ok, now I'm freaking out a bit. You see, like you, I have ten fingers. But when I clip my fingernails, I pretty much always end up with a pile of eleven fingernail clippings.


Buzzcook said...

Missing nails mate with missing socks. After a few months marinating in dust bunny juice they morph into Ninjas.

Jason Janicki said...

Maybe my clippings are migrating to your house? I dunno.

That is as sound a theory as I've ever heard, Buzzcook. The only thing I'm curious about is how the nails and the socks mate.

Okay, no. I just thought about it and decided some things should best be left a mystery.